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Emma Adomako

Meet Emma Adomako, a multifaceted creative with a passion for living intentionally, Emma infuses every aspect of her life with purpose, guided by her deep love for Jesus. Her journey is not only about creating stylish and meaningful apparel but also about empowering women to embrace their true identity. Emma's commitment to intentional living is reflected not just in the designs she curates but in the way she navigates life—always with faith as her compass. When she's not shaping the brand's narrative, Emma finds joy in exploring new corners of the world through travel, adding a global touch to the inspiration behind our collections. Join Emma on this empowering journey as she weaves faith, fashion, and intentionality into every thread of our Christian clothing line.

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Eva Chavez

Eva Chavez, melds the power of affirmation with a dark flair in her evocative creations. Eva's art is a bold declaration of self-worth and identity, set against a backdrop of dark elegance. Each piece is a journey into the depths of the soul, challenging conventions while empowering the beholder. With a brushstroke of noir and a message of light, she is redefining the boundaries of self-expression in the art world.

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Denee Burns

Denee Burns, the visionary behind Heartfire Clothing Co, is not just a designer, but an artist at her core. With every piece she creates, she weaves a tapestry of her soul, passion, and dreams. Her vision transcends mere fashion; it's an expression of who she is. Denee is passionate about Jesus and wants to bring His Light into a dark world - one that is wounded and lacking identity.


Heartfire was born out of couseling others and she realized that we all need LIGHT, LOVE, IDENTITY & PURPOSE.


The scripture verse that fuels her HeartFire - is Luke 24:32 (paraphrase, NLT), when on the road to Emmaus, the men asked after being with Jesus - "Did not our hearts BURN within us while He (Jesus) talked to us on the Road & read the Scriptures?

Be blessed, Wear Your Fire, Find your Purpose, Pursue It with Passion!

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