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Do U Feel UnWORTHY - 98% of Women Said. . .

Why did I start Heartfire Clothing Company?

As I was doing counseling at church, I would start my sessions with focusing on identity. I realized that until people understood their true identity everything else in their life would be out of whack / disjointed / not aligned / mal-aligned / displaced / disparate – you get the picture.

I would ask people – What Lies Are You Believing About Yourself?

I would encourage people to rattle off whatever words popped into their head or imagination. I would encourage them NOT to over process or spiritualize. I would also encourage them to not pretend that they are holy and high and mighty and not believing some lie. We’re all believing some lie about ourselves and listening to it.

They would shake their heads “Yes” and most would close their eyes and start naming off the lies they were believing about their identity.

Generally speaking, I would estimate that out of about 100 sessions – 98% of women would say they believed the lie that they were “UNWORTHY.” And about 60% of men.

For women – it was actually one of the first “lies” they would admit to believing about themself.

I felt like this was earth-shattering and possibly the unspoken pandemic that hasn’t come to the surface – YET.

Women are so powerful and our voices are so important. Why are we – as women – feeling UNWORTHY or Less Than ? I don’t have conclusive evidence, but believe it is rooted in comparison and tied to social media and/or being compared to pornography and actresses by our significant others. Regardless, it so sad that WOMEN feel powerless, less than, voiceless, and not measuring up!

So after admitting to the “Lies” they were believing about themselves – I would write these lies down and then ask the person – “What is the opposite of a lie?” They would respond – “THE TRUTH!”



So I would have them declare the TRUTH about themselves which was the opposite of the LIE. They would then be given the TRUTHES to take home. I encouraged them to post them on their mirrors.

There was more to the counseling session, of course, but I would kick it off with IDENTITY which is extremely important.

I have to admit that I was struggling with this same “lie.” When I was attending a conference at Bethel Church in Redding, CA, I wandered into the bookstore – which is my MODUS OPERANDI (Side note - I love bookstores and am a sucker for books!).

I found a shirt that said “WORTHY.” Very simple. Black t-shirt and white lettering. So I bought it.

I noticed that when I wore it – I walked with a straighter back, more confidence, head held high, acted more dignified – as I looked at the letters in the mirror, it reminded me of WHO I AM. I AM WORTHY. It also reminded those who read it that they are WORTHY.

Statement clothing is a way to communicate IDENTITY that is subtle – You’re not YELLING it in someone’s face but you’re showing them how you want to be treated and respected.

It’s a way to COMMUNICATE YOU.

Thus, Heartfire Clothing Co. was born.

Wear Your Fire – Proclaim Your Identity and Walk Into It.

Denee Burns


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