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The Pizza Guy

With so many people in this world that we interact with on a daily basis - especially if you live in a big city - it’s easy to reduce people to labels such as “the pizza guy” or the “girl at the coffee shop” or the “kid who delivers my daily coffee.”

Sometimes people will be a little more descriptive and describe the person’s age, hair color, nuances, age, and even describe them according to how they compare to cultural norms (which is horrible) such as “The really hot girl . . . .” (gross! I freakin’ despise it when people are are rated by their attractiveness).

When we look at people through these lenses we tend to overlook what is special about them and the fact that they are PEOPLE - they are humans! He or she is someone’s mom, dad, son, daughter, sister, brother, cousin, friend. Human beings are so diverse, incredible, treasured, and spectacular!

The person you are labeling is actually a unique, living creature, designed by God to do incredible and wonderful things if they decide to walk into their divine identity and be used by God.

Each of us has been given unique and different giftings in life. Each of us has a story that has molded and influenced these giftings. Each of us has the ability to use these giftings for THE GOOD and use them to contribute beauty and creativity into society in a way that no one else could.

It’s like Snowflakes - each one is made completely different then the other. No two patterns are the same. They are exquisite and fall from the sky the same - together - but each contributes a different pattern, a unique “look and feel.” Snowflakes are stunning and bring so much joy - even though they are falling, together, in the millions, no two are the same . . . doesn’t that just boggle your mind? It does me! But how glorious, peaceful, and lovely it is as they come down to Earth!

I once participated in a mission trip to Mexico with an organization that helps to restore sex trafficked victims called El Pozo de Vida. The NGO (non-governmental organization) also ministers to prostitutes in the Red Light districts of Mexico City. We hosted a banquet for prostitutes in the middle of the street and affirmed them, hugged them, spoke to them as daughters of the Most High God (which they are) and looked them in the eyes. We looked at them with dignity and honor. It was the most beautiful thing - to watch how they responded to men and women who didn’t want anything from them - we only want to love on them with a pure love, affirm them, pray with them, and speak into their life!

I will never forget that beautiful evening! To be able to affirm another human being who is typically disregarded, used, manipulated, abused, and degraded and show them there’s another way to live and they deserve it. They deserve self-respect, honor, and dignity.

Every human being deserves this! 

So I encourage you - learn the “pizza guy’s name” and tip him extra! Ask “the girl at the coffee shop” how she is doing. Leave a kind note for “the kid who delivers your morning coffee”. 

For years I had the same gardener - for over 20 years - he and his sons would mow, weed, and maintain the lawn of our residence. When I was home and they came over to maintain the yard, I would bring out bottles of cold water or cold sodas to the crew. I would try to tip them extra for extra work done or for the holidays. I met the wife of the owner of the company and invited her into my house to have tea. At Thanksgiving, I’d give them a frozen turkey and at Christmas time, I would give them a Christmas gift of cash that was more than what the bill for the month required in order to bless them. I knew each of their names and had met their wives. 

It says in Psalm 42:8  “But each day the Lord pours HIS unfailing love upon me, and through each night I sing HIS songs, praying to God who gives me LIFE.”

The father of the lawn maintenance crew ended up passing away, and I sent a card and offered my sincere condolences and prayers. When the sons would come over to keep up the yard, I would ask how they were doing and I’d ask how their mom was doing and offer to pray for them. I learned their names and asked about their families. 

Let’s be intentional about treating people as highly favored, dignified, deserving honor and respect - and not just the people who we consider to be “our tribe” or our friends - even just  “the pizza guy.” He has a name and most likely a family and he is a living, breathing, person with giftings, attributes, skills, dreams and a divine identity in Christ. 

It says in Psalm 139 - 

You can see in the dark, for it is not dark to Your eyes.

    For You the night is just as bright as the day.

    Darkness and light are the same to Your eyes.

13 For You shaped me, inside and out.    You knitted me together in my mother’s womb long before I took my first breath.14 I will offer You my grateful heart, for I am Your unique creation, filled with wonder and awe.    You have approached even the smallest details with excellence;    Your works are wonderful;I carry this knowledge deep within my soul.

You were made unique and so was “the pizza guy.” We all have a great deal to contribute to society as a whole, to our local communities and to our families.

At Heartfire Clothing Company, our statement wear can help to remind those around us that we are Worthy and Highly Favored, and it can help us to speak our truth. We are Redeemed, Loved, Cherished, Skilled, Anointed and a human being with hopes, dreams, goals, and desires. We have meaning and we have value.

Wear Your Fire!

Denee, CEO

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